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Low shear Typhoon Valves and Pumps are the simplest and most cost efficient manner to improve your separation. No additional equipment, expensive modifications, high heat input, or chemicals required. Just install LOW SHEAR components in place of conventionals and your separation is improved.

During the lifetime of oil production assets the production volume, mix and characteristics of the produced fluids will change; possibly resulting in capacity or performance issues of gravity separators. Conventional practices to resolve these issues typically include extensive equipment modifications, usually called separator troubleshooting or debottlenecking.

Deploying a Typhoon System can be a simple alternative to modifying the separator itself. Typhoon System is a low shear flow control technology designed for choke and control valve applications. Typhoon System focuses on the source of poor separator efficiency, namely an unnecessary small droplet distribution and even emulsification in fluid flow prior to entering the separator due to high shear forces in choke or control valves.

The separator efficiency and capacity can be increased by replacing standard control or choke valves upstream of the separator with Typhoon Systems.

Link to Whitepaper on separation enhancement with Typhoon system


  • Cost efficient debottlenecking of separation capacity
  • Improved produced water handling
  • Less need for production chemicals and/or heating
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