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Typhoon® System is a flow control system like any conventional choke or control valve. Typhoon® System is therefore considered for use in all applications where standard valves are used today.
In optimizing oil-water separation, Typhoon System can advantageously replace conventional choke or control valves located upstream any separator of a process plant, i.e. upstream large three-phase separators, hydrocyclones, degassers, centrifuges etc. In addition, due to the low-shearing effect of Typhoon System, it is believed that replacing existing subsea choke valves will reduce phase-emulsification and thus have a positive effect on multi-phase transportation in pipelines and risers.
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Commercial launch of Typhoon System

The Typhoon® System is designed and manufactured by the leading international supplier, Mokveld Valves BV. Typhoon System is designed to easily replace conventional chokes or control valves, both axial and angled valves.
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Learn more about low shear oil production

In this section you will find some more information on different aspects of low shear oil production. The main philosophy of low shear production is to instead of challenging the effects focus on the causes to separation problems.

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