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Typhonix main objective is to create a safe and fulfilling work environment. All work related injuries and illnesses can be prevented. We promote health and safety consciousness in order to reduce accidents and sickness-related leave and a stimulating work environment is emphasized.


It is of vital necessity to preserve and protect the environment for future generations. In line with our slogan CLEANER PRODUCTION we comply with the relevant legislative requirements, and consequently carefully monitor our processes in order to guard against negative environmental impact.


Typhonix continuously improve products and services, working in accordance with NS-EN ISO9001-2008. We continually strive to improve every performance aspect of our company and products by means of knowledge sharing, updated training and experience transfer.

Typhoon® Valve Systems

The Typhoon® Valve System is designed and manufactured by the leading international supplier, Mokveld Valves BV. Typhoon System is designed to easily replace conventional chokes or control valves, both axial and angled valves.

Learn more about low shear oil production

In this section you will find some more information on different aspects of low shear oil production. The main philosophy of low shear production is to instead of challenging the effects focus on the causes to separation problems.

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“Theory is invaluable but nothing beats empirical knowledge”

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