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  • Cost-efficient debottlenecking of separation capacity
  • Enhanced separation efficiency
  • Reduced need for production chemicals and heating

Simply improved

Low shear Typhoon Valve Systems and Pumps are among the simplest and most cost-efficient manners to improve your separation. No additional equipment, expensive modifications, high heat input, or chemicals are required. Simply replace conventional components with the low shear alternative, and your separation improves.

Cost-efficient debottlenecking

During separator troubleshooting and debottlenecking, deploying a Typhoon Valve System can be a simple alternative to modifying the separator. By replacing standard control or choke valves upstream of the separator with Typhoon Valve Systems, the separator capacity increases.

Save your chemicals and reduce the heating

Typhoon Valve System can be used to increase the separator efficiency. This is particularly useful when there are problems with the separator efficiency due to tight emulsions. Additional benefits are reduced requirement for separation enhancing production chemicals like demulsifiers and reduced need for heating of the liquids.

Link to Whitepaper on separation enhancement and debottlenecking