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By using the turbulence in a centrifugal pump in a more constructive way you will be able to reduce droplet breakup and even grow droplets in a produced water stream while pumping. Since 2011 Typhonix has been developing low shear centrifugal pumps especially designed for
pumping produced water. 


Conventional centrifugal pumps are known to break oil droplets while pumping produced water. The consequence is that the efficiency of downstream produced water treatment processes is reduced. Often positive displacement pumps, like eccentric screw pumps is used to counteract oil droplet breaking. Drawbacks of positive displacement pumps, however, are often high maintenance requirements and restricted operational window.

Typhonix has for a longer period together with the oil companies ENI, ConocoPhillips, Statoil, GDF SUEZ and the Research Council of Norway, developed separation friendly produced water pumps. The low shear/coalescing pumps are developed for produced water applications and through extensive testing Typhonix has shown that it is possible not only to make a pump which does not break droplets, but also enlarges oil droplets during pumping.

User benefits:

The benefits for the end user are 1) more energy efficient produced water treatment, cleaner produced water and reduced oil and chemical discharges to the sea, and 2) more energy efficient water flooding by less broken injection chemicals, improved produced water injection efficiency, increased oil production and less emissions into the air. 


  • The Typhonix Pump improves the efficiency of petroleum process separators.
  • The Typhonix Pump improves separation efficiency without resorting to chemicals or additional treatment equipment.
  • The Typhonix Pump contributes to a cost effective and environmentally friendly separation process. 


Used as a produced water or reject stream pump, Typhonix Pump will mix oil and water less together.
Potential process benefits are:
  • Less oil in discharged water
  • Less water in exported oil
  • Less need for, or improved effect of process chemicals:
    • Emulsion breaker
    • Flocculants
    • Anti-foam

When it comes to pumping of produced water streams to hydrocyclones, an increase in droplet size may have a tremendous effect in the efficiency of the cyclones.
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