About Typhonix


Typhonix delivers low shear valves, pumps and other process equipment for a cleaner and more cost effective oil production. We are a Norwegian based independent company providing new technology, methods and solutions within the combined fields of multiphase fluid flow control, transportation and oil/water separation.


The company was established in 2006 by Trygve Husveg and the Prekubator (TTO office) in the Science Park of Stavanger. Major shareholders in the company are the management group together with Prekubator AS and Ipark AS. 

The foundation of our technologies was made in Trygve’s PhD thesis from 2007 on use of cyclones in petroleum processing. A lot of today’s process equipment within oil and gas creates shear forces and turbulence that disturb the separation process and transportation because of unnecessary droplet breakup. The low shear Typhoon Valve is the company’s first product but since 2011 also low shear/coalescing centrifugal pumps and multiphase sampling equipment has been developed.


Our philosophy is “CLEANER PRODUCTION THROUGH LOW SHEAR PROCESS SOLUTIONS”. Rather than challenging the effects, we are focused on the causes to separation problems. Low shear performance is the common characteristics of our R&D and also a feature which is reflected in all of our products.