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Engineering practices


Droplet break-up in valves

This series of articles will look at how droplet shearing in valves affects the downstream droplet size and separation efficiency. Effect of valve trim and other solutions to reduce the harm of valve shearing on downstream separation equipment will be presented, backed up with field and test data.

Low shear flow control technology – key in upgrading 3-phase separators

In this paper, a more cost efficient way to debottleneck the separation capacity is described and potential benefits of Typhoon System for both existing installations and the new field projects are discussed.

Low shear pump selection considerations

This article is intended to give a compact overview of some of the main factors involved in the pump selection. References to relevant articles are added for further reading. The topics discussed are; evaluation of the pump types, a discussion on the level of low shear that is acceptable, and evaluation of pump turndown solutions.

Learn more about low shear

In this section you will find some more information on different aspects of low shear. The main philosophy of low shear production is to instead of challenging the effects focus on the causes to separation problems.

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