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Groundbreaking award for R&D on new ChokeSeparator

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In competition with more than 30 other projects, Typhonix was awarded 9,6 MNOK to the project “ChokeSeparator” from the Research Council of Norway (RCN). In the fall of 2014, RCN called for a new type of projects named “ground breaking” under the PETROMAKS 2 program and through this they were looking for “visionary projects” according to Tarjei Malme in the RCN.

Through many years of testing in both laboratory scale, full scale and on real fields, Typhonix has demonstrated how turbulence and shear forces in choke valves and pumps dramatically reduce separation efficiency of downstream separators. On this basis, the ChokeSeparator technology totally changes the traditional production and processing philosophy end enables combined flow control and separation on individual wells.