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New Polymer Injection Valve with significantly less degradation

Since 2013 Typhonix has, together with TOTAL, ENI and Equinor developed a new valve for polymer injection applications. This new valve design reduces mechanical shear and thereby degradation of the polymer solution.
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Polyacrylamide molecules are very long flexible chain molecules that are broken when submitted to high shear rates. This causes an irreversible loss of viscosity of the solution, which has to be compensated by increasing the amount of polymers used. Mechanical degradation of polymers is a well known technical challenge in the petroleum industry. A full scale prototype test of the technology in 2017 has shown that it is possible to reduce the mechanical degradation of polymers from 50% to 10%. This means that you can reduce the costs of chemicals by more than 25%. The next step of the development is to install the valve at a live field. Regarding this Typhonix currently are seeking pilot candidates for the valve to join our TRL 6 qualification program.