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Paper published in MIC Journal

The paper presents three methods to optimize the separation efficiency of a produced water treatment system, using a coalescing pump and a deoiling hydrocyclone
The paper "Variable Step Size P&O Algorithms for Coalescing Pump/Deoiling Hydrocyclone Produced Water Treatment System" has been published in the Open Access Research Journal MIC.

This paper presents three variable step size P&O algorithms for optimizing the separation efficiency of a coalescing pump/deoiling hydrocyclone produced water treatment system. By continuously adjusting the pumping pressure, and subsequently the coalescing effect, the algorithms are used to minimize the oil concentration downstream the hydrocyclone. Due to the variable step size, the algorithms react rapidly to changes in the upstream produced water characteristics, at the same time as they reduce (or eliminate) steady-state oscillations. Based on both simulation and experimental testing, the study discusses advantages and disadvantages of the algorithms.
(DOI: 10.4173/mic.2020.1.2)

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