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Total E&P Norge AS joins the Typhoon Valve pilot project

​Typhonix have over the past years developed an innovative and separation friendly new valve concept to reduce shear forces and the emulsification of oil and water.
This month Total E&P Norge AS signed up for participation in the project. Other companies participating are: Statoil, Eni, Shell and ConocoPhillips together with Mokveld BV and the Research Council of Norway. 

The pilot project, which will take place in 2010, will take the technology from a research phase to demonstration of the technology in an offshore producing field. 

Jon Ingar Monsen represents Total E&P Norge AS in the Steering Committee. He expresses that Total E&P Norge AS finds the Typhoon Valve technology interesting, and if the pilot installation and testing confirms the results from the prototype testing, the Typhoon Valve may have a significant potential.