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Typhonix enters strategic cooperation with Mokveld Valves BV

Typhonix has recently signed an agreement with the Dutch company Mokveld Valves BV concerning worldwide sales and production of the Typhoon® Valve technology.
The technology, which reduces shear forces and the emulsification of oil and water in choke- and control valves, may contribute to a cleaner and more cost effective oil production. Typhonix has for more than 6 years developed the technology together with the oil companies Statoil, Eni, ConocoPhillips, Total and Shell.

Mokveld has more than 50 years of experience when it comes to development and sales of engineered valves, more than 300 employees and a worldwide sales, distribution and production system. The company has known Typhonix for a long time and has for many years contributed to the development of the Typhoon® technology. For us this is the perfect partner for taking the Typhoon® technology out in a global market says CEO of Typhonix, Ole Jørgen Engelsvoll.