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Typhonix presenting at ADIPEC 2017

The presentation is called Improving Separation of Oil and Water Using a Novel Coalescing Centrifugal Pump and demonstrates some of the benefits of using Typhonix Coalescing Pump as a boosting pump for hydrocyclones.
rune og adipec
By comparing the separation efficiency with and without the coalescing pump included in the process, his investigations have shown that the pump increases the separation efficiency of a downstream hydrocyclone by reducing the volume fraction of droplets which would otherwise be too small to be separated. Furthermore, his investigations show that the pumping pressure can be adjusted continuously to maximize the improvement.

Researcher and Ph.D. Candidate, Rune Husveg, will be presenting a part of his Ph.D. project at the 2017 ADIPEC. In his Ph.D. project, Rune is designing a self-optimizing control system for the coalescing pump. This system maximizes the separation efficiency of downstream separation equipment by optimizing the coalescing effect of the pump.

We hope to see you there!

More information:

Date: 15. November 2017
Time: 09:30 – 11:00
Session: 66 PRODUCTION FACILITIES TECHNOLOGIES: Extending the Life Cycle of Assets
Session Location: Capital Suite 4