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Typhonix presents the Chokeseparator at TEKNA Separation Technology 2018

Turbulence and shear forces in choke valves dramatically reduce the efficiency of downstream separation equipment. Is it possible to improve the separation, by constructively using the energy dissipated when choking?
Since 2015, Typhonix has been working together with the Research Council of Norway and Eni Norge AS to develop the Chokeseparator. The Chokeseparator combines choking and separation, two normally opposite processes, into one unit and let them interact. The technology targets both subsea and topside applications, and the goal is to make separators and process systems more compact on Greenfields, enable economic development of tie-ins, and facilitate large capacity increases on Brownfields.

Attend TEKNA Separation Technology 2018, Oct. 16–17, where Niels van Teeffelen will present the development, testing, and potential of the Chokeseparator.