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Typhoon Multiphase Sampler in New Design

Typhonix has developed a new methodology for multiphase sampling, the backbone of which is a new sampler.
The Typhoon Multiphase Sampler makes it easier to collect samples from the process without errors associated with free gas flotation during container filling and dissolved gas flotation during container filling or pressure release. The samplers can be used to collect samples for analysis, especially during the liquid phases, but also during the gas phase if necessary.

NTNU design student Bård Sondre Dalen recently completed his master’s thesis on optimizing the design and functionality of the Typhoon sampler. This includes parameters such as user interface and appearance but also issues connected to comparisons with other solutions in the market, production technology etc. Through this process the sampler was given a brand new look. Bård Sondre presented his work in Trondheim this summer with very positive results.