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Welcome to LOW SHEAR DAY

Typhonix welcomes you to Low Shear Day, June 05 – 2019
For more than 10 years, Typhonix has developed and tested low shear process equipment.
Throughout this period, the company has developed a solid understanding of the effects shear  can have on oil production. Typhonix is interested in sharing this knowledge with your company and to highlight the following subjects:
  • What are the effects of shear in oil production?
  • Where can you find sources of shear?
  • What can you do to minimize shear forces or mitigate the effects of shear on downstream
  • separation equipment?
  • How can your process layout and equipment be optimized to reduce potential separation issues?

10:00 - Effects of shear in oil production
10:30 - Benefits of low shear processing
11:00 - Live test demonstration in Typhonix R&D laboratory
11:30 - Where and how to apply low shear technology (TechnipFMC)
12:00 - Lunch
Interested? Send an e-mail to register for this FREE seminar by May 31.
Address: Robotvegen 8, Bryne