Low Shear Benefits

Mature field lifetime extension

IOR and better opportunities for tiebacks through higher production capacity and treatment efficiency

Brownfield challenges:

Late life field production and tieback of new fields means that larger amounts of water are being produced. The large amount of liquids puts a strain on the separator capacity, as the retention time is reduced when the flowrates are increased. The increased water production is also a challenge for the available capacity of the produced water treatment system.

The low shear approach:

Strategic use of low shear valves/pumps will reduce the economic impact of the above-mentioned challenges related to late life field production and tiebacks. Increasing the efficiency of the separators increases the liquid handling capacity without the need for expensive separator modifications, allowing the mature field to stay in production for an extended period of time.

Typhonix valves/pumps benefits:

  • Higher production rates
    • Faster separation through reduced shear
  • Longer profitable production
    • Extended life of existing equipment/fields
    • Better opportunities for tiebacks
  • Cleaner phases after separation
    • Less oil in the produced water
    • Less water in the produced oil

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Learn more about low shear oil production

In this section you will find some more information on different aspects of low shear oil production. The main philosophy of low shear production is to instead of challenging the effects focus on the causes to separation problems.


The Typhonix Test Center provides the industry opportunity of live testing of process equipment under realistic conditions. Ever since establishment of Typhonix in 2006 flow loop testing has been of vital importance for development of our technologies.