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Coalescing Valve for next generation petroleum processing

We are happy to announce that together with our partners, we have been granted funding from the Research Council of Norway to further develop our Coalescing Valve concept
Together with Lundin Energy Norway, Wintershall Dea Norge and Stauper Offshore, we aim at introducing a groundbreaking new concept; the Coalescing Valve technology combines flow control and droplet coalescence, two normally counteracting processes. The energy released during flow control is used constructively to enlarge the size of oil droplets, thereby boosting downstream separation processes.

The Coalescing Valve is a potential quantum leap within petroleum processing, having positive effects on both oil and water quality. Tiebacks that today are constrained by space and weight are enabled through leaner unmanned automatized/digitalized production systems, using the Coalescing Valve. By facilitating fewer, more compact and efficiency downstream treatment steps, the Coalescing Valve extends the life of mature fields.

The Coalescing Valve gives higher energy efficiency by reducing the overall energy consumption and demand. This in turn reduces climate gas emissions and the overall environmental impact of the process plant. Through the Coalescing Valve, the objective of reaching a cleaner production, resulting in reduced emissions and discharges to the environment, is met with significantly less technical and chemical efforts, at lower capital and operating expenditure than today.

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