Typhonix Test Center

Typhonix Test Center


For a decade, Typhonix has developed an expertise and a high competence level when it comes to testing of new ideas and products. New ideas, often requires thinking outside the box, and this is what makes our company so unique. Our laboratory is flexible, and we have already built over ten different test rigs over the years.
Typhonix can also assist with setting up test matrixes, acceptance criterias, test reports, etc.


Through several projects, separation performance study has been a key feature to qualify our own products up against conventional equipment, used in offshore process systems.
Typhonix can today perform a screening/separation study of customers own chosen crude, in one of our own test rigs.


Produced water application is one of our products main fields. This makes it important for us to understand and test our equipment in different produced water applications.
How do the droplet size distribution, separation performance, hydrocyclone performance react on different types of flocculants, corrosion inhibitors etc. in the produced water. 


In the past few years, Typhonix has been working closely with EOR problematic issues. In our Polymer test rig, we amongst other things, can look how mechanical and turbulent shear forces, degrade a polymer water solution. 

3rd PARTY Assessment ON PRODUCTS

Our test facilities and our know how expertise makes Typhonix a great candidate, where customers can test and evaluate new ideas and products.
Foto: ElisabethTønnesen
Foto: ElisabethTønnesen

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